Saturday, August 24, 2013

Bali Trip - Day 5 - Relaxing by the ocean

The day turned out to be exactly as expected.  My outside chance of exploring the north west of the Island was soon not to be as the journey was expected to take 12-13 hours and I had a flight to catch tomorrow. So we decided to have a leisurely breakfast, indulge in the famous Balinese Spa and go out to explore the beach.

The beach was a 5 min stroll from the hotel. We had an early afternoon brunch in a restaurant by the beach following which we strolled on to the beach. The beach was lovely and the bright afternoon sun did nothing to dampen 2 hours of fun in the rather shallow beach bordering the Indian ocean. As the evening progressed we could really feel the waves getting larger. We only left reluctantly when our daughter started shivering a bit. In the evening,  we went shopping nearby, but beyond 6pm there are hardly any shops open.  I wish I could inculcate such work life balance.

We gave a coffee shop a try for dinner, and had to struggle hard to get "real" vegetarian food in our plates. Out of mainstream restaurants, people are just as polite and friendly, but may not be aware of any special needs like ours. Looking back at our trip while awaiting dinner, we were content with what we have seen and experienced, and wore a smile on our faces as we left the shop. If there is one thing we would remember best about the trip, it would have to be the majestic Indian Ocean and our trysts with it by Tanah Lot, but my daughter would probably vote for the monkeys of Ubud!

Embarkation was a breeze compared to Immigration, and we whiled away our time at the airport as the airplane was 1 hour late. On arrival in Singapore, we really tore into the dosa on offer at midnight! We were already talking about exploring Yogyakarta and planning for a year-end trip on our way back home :)


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God this place looks amazing! Steve :o)

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